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Cover PDF available
  Short Description   at America First Books
  Long Description    
  Preface: The Cult of Death    
  Back Cover    



Cover PDF available at
  Short Description   America First Books
  Long Description    
  Chapter One    
  Author Bio    
  Back Cover    

Front Cover Preface
  Short Description   Foreword
  Long Description   Introduction
  Intro Pages, Dedication   Author Biography
  Mossad Ruthless   Back Cover
  False Flags Definition    
  JFK False Flag scenario   Kindle version available at Amazon
  Table of Contents   PDF and ePub versions available
  Insider Endorsement   at America First Books



Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy
"Look Inside" Links
Covers (front and back) Contents
  Short Description   Author Preface
Long Description   Photo Section
Inside Cover Pages   Conversation in Hell
  Final Judgment Progress   Index
  Final Judgment Context   Challenge to Readers
  Reactions by Others (Reviews)   Author Note
  New Revelations   Author Background
  Publisher Note  
  A Black Perspective   Kindle version available
  Intrigue   at Amazon
Apology by Author   PDF and ePub versions available
Author Foreword   at America First Books

  Short Description   Chapter One
  Long Description   A Final Word
  Inside Cover Pages   Moredechai Vanunu on Piper
  Note From Author   Ryu Ohta on Michael Collins Piper
  Dedication   Media in America Displays Bias
  Israel's Prisoner of Conscience Speaks Out
  "How I Discovered the Problem of Israel" by MCP
  Was the First Shot Fired In 1963?   A Letter From the author
Special Privileges For One Nation
The Golem   PDF and ePub versions available at
Table of Contents   America First Books



Cover PDF version available
  Short Description   at America First Books
  Long Description    
  Exec Summary    
  Pages 1-11    
  Photo Section    

Cover Foreword
  Short Description   Introduction
  Long Description   An Intro to Part 1
  Inside Cover pages   Index
  Meet the Judas Goats   Photo Section
  Dedication   More Best Sellers
  Obvious Goats   Back Cover Pages
  Personal Note   Back Cover
Preface   PDF at America First Books

My First Days in the White House: An unabashed, no-holds-barred memoir of the Second American Revolution and its aftermath

Front Cover Chapter One: End of Empire
  Short Description   Closing Notes
  Long Description   Author Biography
  Endorsement   Back Cover
  Notes From the Author    
  Table of Contents   Kindle version available at Amazon
  By Way of an Explanation   ePub version available at
  Foreword   America First Books



The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme
"Look Inside" Links
Cover Foreword
  Short Description   Introduction
  Long Description   Chapter Two Extract
  Inside Cover Pages   Letter From the Author
  Quotes   PDF and ePub versions available
  Purpose   at America First Books
  Our Thesis    


Cover Chapt 1: America's New Elite
  Short Description    
  Long Description   PDF version available
  Cartoon   at America First Books
  First Bigot    

Front Cover Author Biography
  Short Description   Appendix A: The Aftermath
  Long Description   Back Cover
  Author Note    
  Table of Contents    
  Chapter One: Questions   Kindle version available at Amazon
  Appendix Two: Budd Dwyer   ePub version available
  Closing Note From Author   at America First Books

Sources to buy soft cover and ebook versions

Michael Collins Piper's books exist in both hard copy form (hardback and paperback) and in electronic form as downloadable PDF and ePube ebooks. Some major sources of his books are as follows:

Ebook editions for all books except
for a few remaining (for exampleThe Caiaphas Complex and Ye Shall Know the Truth) currently available only in soft cover

"Michael Collins Piper"
search at
America First Books

Hardback, paperback, Amazon Kindle,
primary and used, mail order

"Michael Collins Piper"
search at

Enter "Michael Collins Piper"
in search box at
Texe Marrs Power
of Prophecy Books

"Michael Collins Piper"
at Thrift Books

Hardback and paperback
primary market, mail order, and some ebook versions for certain books

"Michael Collins Piper
search at
AFP Online Store

at American Free Press

The cheapest and most immediate way to read Mr. Piper's books is through the ebooks offered by America First Books ( America First Books offers a "look inside" feature for each of Mr. Piper's books that shows sample chapters and illustrations.