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The Barnes Review
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Volume XI Number 3 .............May/June

P. 76; HITLER: THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER by Michael Collins Piper
Adolf Hitler: Few know much about his courageous participation in World War I and even fewer have ever seen an unbiased film on the man. Hitler: The Unknown Soldier is one of those rare films on Hitler that actually helps set the historical record straight taking an honest look at Hitler, the frontline fighter, and his quite impressive combat record compiled during "the Great War". . . .


Adolf Hitler:
Unkown Soldier

By Michael Collins Piper

T here are very few people living on the face of the planet who do not recognize the visage or the name of Adolf Hitler. He is probably the best-known figure of world history, perhaps even more so than Jesus Christ Himself. (And that's no exaggeration, nor meant to be a slight at the memory of the Lord and Savior. Just simply a fact.)

Despite all this, what people "know" about Hitler is primarily his record as the ruler of Germany really all of Europe during the middle of the 20th century. What people even well read folks do not know about is Hitler's remarkable record as s front-line soldier during World War I. (Hitler is shown in the World War I photo above, far right.)

Although, during his heyday (and even now) there are some who have tried to portray Hitler as "just another soldier" or, at worst, some sort of coward, nothing could be further from the truth. And even thou
gh in his lifetime there were political opponents who tried to sully Hitler's war record, the remarkable new video, Hitler: The Unknown Soldier 1914-1918, sets the record straight, noting, for example, that even one of Hitler's accusers actually admitted, in the end, that he had lied about Hitler. But some of those lies "stuck" and, to this day, there are those who believe Hitler was a coward. Now, at last, the facts.

Hitler was recalled by his superiors for his "iron constitution" and "unreserved courage" on the battlefield. He was hailed for his "outstanding bravery" in front line action. And it was not true
as some claim, as a bit of irony that it was a Jewish officer who was the one who awarded Hitler his much-deserved Iron Cross, First Class, which, as the film points out, was a "rare decoration" for a simple corporal, as Hitler was.

And what few know is that Hitler wasn't just an ordinary soldier. He was a battlefield courier, bravely exposing himself to enemy fire, usually volunteering to go on the field when other couriers were worn out and unable to make the vital runs that kept the lines of communication open during combat.

On one occasion, the documentary points out, Hitler and a colleague jumped into the line of fire and actually saved their regimental commander's life, just barely being wounded themselves. (And, for the record, Hitler was not only gassed by the British, but he was also otherwise wounded in combat.)

The film presents a little-known and quite interesting point that has been otherwise lost to history: the fact that many of Hitler's fellow soldiers believed that the young corporal had a "sixth sense" that saved his life (and theirs) many, many times during battle. Some even speculated that he was "under the protection of a higher power."

An interesting sidelight includes the story of Hitler's close relationship with a little terrier dog he named Fuchsel that he found running loose on the battlefield after its British master had been killed in battle. The dog was Hitler's constant companion on the field and when the dog was stolen from the future German leader he was devastated. "It's essential that a dog should always sleep beside his master," Hitler was once heard to say, speaking gently of his little friend, one of many canine pals that the "monster" adopted over the period of his lifetime.

The video includes interviews with famous Hitler biographer Ian Kershaw and with those who knew Hitler in his early years, along with fascinating photographs and period films that supplement this detailed and fascinating slice of history. A film not to be missed by those with an interest in real history not propaganda .•

Photograph of Hitler and two World War I comrades.

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