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Articles in 2011

2011-05-19;16   The Plot Against Free Speech
2011-05-02   AFP Was Right: U.S. Funding Arab Uprisings
2011-05-02   A Holocaust of Justice: Neal Sher and the OSI
2011-04-25   `Hoot-Smawley,' FDR, Israel & Michele Bachmann
2011-04-11   New Book Says Zionists Ready to Start WWIII
2011-04-04   Sarah Palin -- the Candidate -- a Big Hit Abroad
2011-03-28   9-11 Links, Big Money Swirl Around Newt
2011-03-21   Uncensored Version of 9-11 Report Detailing Spy Ring Now Available
2011-03-21   Time to Investigate Israeli Spying in U.S.
2011-03-21   N.Y. Rep. Ignores Real Terrorists
2011-02-28   Trump Wants to Be President; But will mob ties derail the
    flamboyant frontman?
2011-02-14   `Catastrophic Zionism': How Turmoil Benefits Israel
2011-01-24   The Facts About Martin Luther King and Zionism
2010-01-24   Anti-Defamation League Linked to Arizona Tragedy
Articles in 2010
2010-12-20   Rothschild-Sponsored Third Party Effort Unveiled
2010-12-06;13   Rothschild Dynasty Slams Obama; Calls for Centrist Movement in
2010-11-29   Rand Paul's Recent Remarks Raise New Concerns. This article
    dovetails with Tea Party Entangled With Warmongers by Texe Marrs, also archived here
2010-11-29   Push to Dethrone Obama Part of `Centrist' Agenda
2010-11-29   Big Money from Donors Puts Cantor In Hip Pocket of Powerful
    Interests; also Cantor Meets With Israeli, Pledges Alliance Against Obama
2010-11-22   Phony `Centrist' Third Party Propaganda Escalates
2010-11-22   Elections Put Pro-Israel Neo-Cons Back on Top
2010-11-15   Post-Newsweek Portrays Palin as Divine Choice
2010-11-15   Mainstream NY Newspaper Confirms AFP Report on Centrist
    Third Party
2010-10-04   Pennsylvania Spy Scandal Exposes Israelis
2010-08-30   AFP Will Continue to Fight the 9-11 Lies of Government-Media Axis
2010-08-16   Influential Newsweek Magazine Sold for $1 to CFR's Super-Rich,
    Pro-Israel Harmen Couple
2010-08-16   AFP's Book Manager Opens a New Chapter. This article dovetails
    with `New' Old Book Is Last Word on Fed by Anne D. Cronin, also archived here
2010-08-02   Powerful New Lobby Group Set in Motion
2010-08-02   Hagee Fanatic Attacks, Strikes AFP Writer; also Hagee Worships
    Israel in D.C.
2010-07-19;26   Mystery Man Gives Marching Orders to Conservatives
2010-07-12   Anti-Obama Coalition Has Influential High-Level Support
2010-06-07   Rand Paul's Fans Shocked by New Revelations
2010-05-31   Is Power Elite Planning New Third Party?
2010-05-10   Outspoken Dissident Targeted for Words, Not Deeds
2010-05-10   Police State Smear Merchants at Work Again
2010-05-05   Judea Declares War on America's 44th President
2010-03-01   Attendees Brave Winter Weather to Meet `Jimbo'
    What's Next on the Agenda for Gutsy Ex-Congressman?
2010-01-18   Why the Liberty Incident Is Still Very Important
Articles in 2009
2009-12-28   Jim Traficant for President? You Bet!
2009-11-16   Plans Flop for Moderate Pro-Israel Lobby
2009-10-26   `Conservative Rags Obsess Over Israel, Holocaust
2009-09-21;28   All-New Evidence Discovered Proving Jim Traficant
    Was Victim of Frame-Up
2009-09-21;28   Former Rep. Comes Out Swinging at Homecoming
2009-09-21;28   Traficant on National Television: Israel Has Stranglehold
    on U.S.
2009-09-14   Jim Traficant Finally Out of Jail
2009-09-07   Mainstream Media Didn't Tell You Bob Novak Opposed
    Israeli Power
2009-08-10   Solution to Unending Mideast Crises May Lie in First
    Jewish Homeland
2009-08-10   Controversial New Book Published by Victor Thorn
2009-07-06   This Slaughter Must Not Go Unpunished! Don't let the
    Controlled Media in America continue to cover up this horrible crime!
2009-07-06   Israel Demands Every Nation Take `Democracy Test'
2009-06-29   ADL Exploits Tragedy to Push Limit on Free Speech
2009-06-22   Zionist Lobby Says Obama a Threat to Israel's Survival
2009-06-08;15   What Everyone Needs to Know About the Mideast
2009-05-25   Pro-Israel Mouthpiece Says Freedom of Speech Dangerous
2009-04-20;27   Frail Old Man Faces Bloodlust of Israeli Lobby
2009-04-06   Scare Stories About Russia, Iran Just More Mainstream
    Media Lies
2009-03-30   Jewish Lobby Says Hillary Too Pro-Palestinian
2009-03-23   Real Change in Policy Blocked by Jewish Lobby
2009-03-02;09   Rep. Chris Smith Pushes Global Scheme to Hunt Down,
    Punish 'Anti-Semites'
2009-03-02;09   Mossad Link Found to One of Key 9-11 Hijackers
2009-03-02;09   New York Times Falsifies History of the Federal Reserve
2009-02-23   Rothschild Agents Take 10 Key Posts In Administration
    of Rookie President
2009-01-26   Jewish Lobby Gives Obama His Marching Orders
2009-01-26   Former Prime Minister, Nobel Laureate Say Israel
    Should Be Charged With War Crimes
2009-01-26   Israel's Secret Relationship With Hamas
Articles in 2008
2008-12-29   Hard Facts Refute `JFK Greenback' Myth
2008-12-29   Who Benefits From White House Scandal(s)?
2008-12-22   Don't Expect Bush to Pardon Traficant Before Leaving
2008-12-08;15   Senator Won't Condemn ADL Spying
2008-12-01   Could Obama `Pull a JFK' in Office? Kennedy-Obama
    Parallels Intriguing
2008-11-24   Were Jesus, Founding Fathers Anti-Semites?
2008-11-17   ADL Muddies Waters of 2008 Financial Crisis
2008-11-10   Massive, Secret Zionist Slush Fund Influencing Course of
    U.S. Election
2008-11-03   Pro-Israel Neo-Con Hand-Picked McCain VP
2008-10-20   Author Says Today's `Financial Pharisees' Will Take
    Taxpayer Bailout & Disappear
2008-09-29   Sarah Palin Suddenly the Darling of Media Powerbrokers
2008-09-15;22   Palin Completes Zionist Ticket
2008-09-01   Controlled Media Suppresses Scientist's `Big Secret'
2008-09-01   No More Wars For Israel Conference Now Available. High-
    quality audio/DVD collection captures important lectures for posterity
2008-08-18   McCain's Mob Money Connection Suppressed by The
    Washington Post
2008-08-11   `Big Secret' Haunts Obama
2008-08-04   Confronting the Cult of `the Corpulent Con Man'
2008-07-28   Globalists See Iran, Venezuela, Russia, As Threats to
    Their New World Order
2008-07-14;21   Newsweek Magazine Covers Up McCain's Mob Ties
2008-07-14;21   The Sad Story of Jesse Helms
2008-07-07   JFK Assassination Link Found to Recent Financial Swindle
2008-06-23   34 Americans Murdered But Ship Survived
2008-03-31   Compilation of Ron Paul Writings & Speeches A Great Way
  to Keep the Revolution Growing
2008-03-31   John McCain's Rothschild Connection
2008-03-24   Admiral Forced Out for Challenging Israel Lobby
2008-03-24   New Book on Controversial Publisher Quite Sure to
    Raise a Few Eyebrows
2008-03-17   Bill Buckley's Strange History Revealed
2008-03-03;10   Huge Hole Exposed in McCain `Finance Reform'
2008-03-03;10   Manchurian McCandidate or Harmless Superstitions?
2008-02-25   ADL Joins War Against Populist Venezuelan President
2008-02-04   McCain's Career Financed by Mob Money
Articles in 2007
2007-12-31   New Book the Only Accurate Expose of Hillary and Bill;
    Finally: The Real Story Behind Their Rise to Power
2007-12-31   Media's Masters Adore Huckabee
2007-12-24   Bush, Neocons Owe Iraq, Saddam an Apology
2007-12-24   An Open Letter to Neocon Mouthpiece Michael Medved
    From AFP Correspondent Michael Collins Piper
2007-12-17   Rudy Giuliani: Godfather of the Russian Mob?
2007-11-12   Free Speech & the ADL
2007-10-08   Zionist `Gorilla' Now Being Discussed
2007-10-08   Iranian Leader Shows Real Class
2007-10-01   Rudy Giuliani: A Grand Illusion
2007-09-10   Who Are These People Running America?
2007-08-27   Warhawks Dominate Both Major Parties
2007-07-09   Elite Opinion Makers Touting Bloomberg For Independent
    Presidential Candidate
2007-06-25   Powerful Cabal of Israel-First Warmongers Praying for
    Nuclear Strike Against Iran
2007-06-04   Oswald Did It Alone, Says Prosecutor. Highly detailed JFK
    book won't mention Mossad link to Kennedy assassination
2007-06-04   Tamar Jacoby: The little-known driving force pushing for
    illegal alien amnesty
2007-05-28   Media Created Jerry Falwell
2007-05-21   Who Rules Washington? Top neo-con Zionist ideologue
    reveals much, while trying to suppress the truth
2007-05-14   Neo-Cons Still Control U.S. Policy
2007-04-23;30   New Book Tries to Figure Out Who Really Runs the Planet
2007-04-23;30   Top Neo-Con Spied for Israel And Got Away With the
    Crime; Wolfowitz `gal pal' scandal nothing compared to charges of treason
2007-04-09   Hunt Sons Say Dad Was in Dallas
2007-03-26   AIPAC Buying 2008?
2007-03-05;12   Does Jimmy Carter Deny Holocaust?
2007-02-26   Voice Stress Tests Could Nail Political Liars
2007-02-19   Iran Policy Part of Long-Term Plan: Plot to Cripple Iraq,
    Iran Part of Globalists' New World Order Strategy
2007-02-19 Pro-Israel Groups Behind Push for War on Iran
2007-02-12   Non-Profits Bankroll Israeli Nukes
2007-02-05   Iraq War Propagandists Target Iran
  Former General, Presidential Candidate Says `New York
    Money' Promotes War
2007-01-22   Nabbing The Worst Spy in U.S. History
2007-01-15   Nationalists Form Axis of Survival
2007-01-01;08   Filmmaker Challenges Historical Dogma
  Chang Says All War Criminals Must Be Investigated,
2007-01-01;08   Good News and Bad News From the Conference
2007-01-01;08   Media's Iran Coverage A Farce
2007-01-01;08   People of Iran Want Peace, Prosperity, Progress, Stability
2007-01-01;08   What Really Happened in Iran
Articles in 2006
2006-11-20   Zionists Call For Witch-Hunt
2006-11-13   Avigdor Lieberman: Architect of Armageddon?
  Nobel Prize Winning Former President Slams Israel as an
    `Apartheid State'
2006-10-30   Who Really Runs U.S. Organized Crime?
2006-10-23   Iranian Filmmaker: Iran & U.S. Have Much in Common
2006-10-23   Iran Crisis `Made in Israel'
2006-10-09   Iranian President Resists NWO, Says fate of humanity tied
    to what happens in Palestine
2006-10-02   DU in Iraq "a War Crime Beyond Compare"
2006-09-18;25   U.S. Mass Media Is Promoting "Institutional
2006-09-04   ADL Link to Local Police Agencies Uncovered in Chris
    Bollyn Affair
2006-08-28   Professor Says U.S. at Crossroads of Most Serious Crisis in
2006-08-07   Media Misinforms America About Global..War & Peace
2006-07-31   Warhawks Will Be Called to Account
2006-07-31   Inside the Malaysia Conference
  Famed Dr. Mahathir Hosts AFP's Piper In Kuala .Lumpur,
    9-11 Truth Team on board at Malaysia .Confab
2006-07-10   Piper Back From Malaysian Confab
2006-06-05 Capitol Hill Hypocrisy
2006-06-05 AIPAC's Smear Of Rep Draws.Stiff Response
2006-05-15 Congress Acts To Censor Academics.Who Criticize
Government Policy
2006-05-01 Revolt of the Generals
2006-04-24 The Uncensored Passion of Christ
2006-04-24 People Across Spectrum Start to See What A Threat Bush
Poses To America
2006-04-10 Harvard Professor Slams Israel Lobby
2006-04-10 CFR Targets Russia's Putin
2006-03-27 Face Off At Rutgers University
2006-03-20 Support Palestine, Says Jewish Philosopher
2006-03-20 Thought Cops Tell Evangelist No More Talk Of Israel On
2006-02-13 Israeli Intrigue Backfires in Hamas Victory
2006-02-06 This Christian Broadcaster Is No Jerry Falwall
2006-02-06   Semitism May Be Big Issue in McCloskey's Race for House
2006-02-06   Media Promotes `Reformers' In Wake Of Abramoff
2006-01-23   Israel Give Up Your Nukes
2006-01-16   Jerry Falwell Confesses
  What Dan Quayle & Donald Rumsfeld Have In Common
2006-01-02;09   Israel Without Her Mascara On
Articles in 2005
2005-12-26 Thought Police Back In School
2005-12-26 Populist American Author Predicts Bush Administration
2005-11-21 Prominent Writers Hold Neo-Cons Feet To Fire
2005-10-31 `Public' Broadcasting Overseen By New Agenda-Driven
2005-10-24 Blunt Assessment
2005-10-17 Black Mark On Roberts Record
2005-10-10 Plot To Kill Chavez Brainchild Of Israel Lobby
2005-10-03 Wiesenthal Prevaricator Extraordinaire May Have Also
Been Secret WWII Nazi Collaborator
2005-09-05 Illinois Police Chief's Explosive Account Exposes Chicago
Mob's Ties To CIA, Mossad
2005-08-29   Guess Who's In Charge Of Guarding U.S. Nuclear Power
    & Weapon Sites
2005-08-22   Angleton — Will Hollywood Make Hero..Of Traitor?
2005-08-08   New U.S. — India Axis Pushed By Pro-Israel Forces
2005-07-18;25   Will America Be Dragged Into More Wars For Israel?
2005-07-18;25   Shocker, GOP Court Justices Have Liberal Record
2005-07-04   Weldon's Hysterical Propaganda
2005-06-27   The War On Political Freedom
2005-05-02   U.S. — Israel Friction Develops Over China Arms Deals
2005-04-11;18   New Role Model For 21st Century Republicans
2005-03-21 Neo-Con `Global Democracy' Scheme Advancing
2005-03-07;14   Neo-Cons Declare War On Russia
2005-03-07;14   FBI Seizes Pro-Israel U.S. Terrorist; Threatened
    Presbyterian Churches
2005-02-14   Israel Fanatic Is Mr. Bush's `Brain'


The Barnes Review
A Journal of Nationalist Thought & History
2010 / 05-06   An Amazing Underground Illustrated Tour of the Most
    Infamous Camp of Them All
2010 / 05-06   The Postwar Neanderthal Triumph
2010 / 05-06   A History of `False Flags'
2010 / 05-06   Utopia...for Some (Extract of the first two-thirds of Chapter 2
    "The Jewish Utopia: the New World Order" of The New Babylon)
2010 / 05-06   Teaching Religious Hatred
2010 / 05-06   Personal From the Consulting Editor; Editorial: A
    Controversial Topic To Be Sure..., New Ape Man Discovered
2006 / 01-02   FDR@Yalta
2005 / 11-12   FDR Joe Stalin's Best Friend
2005 / 09-10   Hitler's Blizkrieg, video review
2005 / 07-08   My`One-Minute' Membership In the John Birch Society
2005 / 05-06   Adolf Hitler — Unknown Soldier
2004 / 05-06   The Rhodes Scholarships & The Drive For World Empire
2003 / 09-10   Franklin J. Moses, Reconstruction's Most Infamous Scalawag
2003 / 07-08   Mr. Lawrence Dennis Appeals To Reason


Miscellaneous Correspondence, Commentary,
Presentations, and Links
2005-06-06   Why isn't Weber spending $2 million to promote revisionism?
2005-06-04   Willis Carto Published All of these books, magazines, etc . What
    Hath Carto Wrought?
2003-03-10   Zionist Influence on the America Media: Its Impact on Media
    Coverage of the Middle East; The Untold Story Behind The JFK Assassination, Watergate and the Lewinsky Scandal, A presentation before the Zayed Center for Coordination and Follow-Up in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates


Outside commentary related to Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy
Ongoing   The Assassination of John F. Kennedy resource page by the
    Spartacus School. Lots of good links and biographical entries on key players, except the central role of Israel and the Mossad is generally ignored. However, if you search for it, they provide a profile page for Mike Piper and mention Final Judgment.
Ongoing   The Death of John F. Kennedy. Continuing archive maintained by with miscellaneous material.
2011-08-08   Explosive Jackie O tapes 'reveal how she believed Lyndon B Johnson
    killed JFK and had affair with movie star' by Liz Thomas,
2007-03-21   The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt by Erik Hedegaard,
    posted Mar 21, 2007. See MCP's article "Hunt Son's Say Dad Was in Dallas" archived on this web page.
2002   Mordechai Vanunu and Michael Collins Piper Converge:
    The Israeli Mossad Assassinated JFK by Mark Dankof
2000   "Dear Fidel" documentary web site ( about Marita Lorenz,

who provided crucial testimony linking the CIA to the JFK assassination during the 1985 E. Howard Hunt libel trial in Miami, FL against The SPOTLIGHT . (This paper was the former employer of Michael Collins Piper, superceded since 2001 by The American Free Press). Ms. Lorenz rode with Lee Harvey Oswald to Dallas from Florida and met E. Howard Hunt and Jack Ruby a day before the assassination. She made earlier revelations to the House Assassinations Committee in 1978.

1999-12-14   A Zionist Looks at Final Judgment by Barry Chamish. "I would dismiss
    the whole thing as a fantastic yarn, except four years ago I began researching the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, and I independently discovered too many facts in common with Piper's. The most uncanny is that I also conclude that French intelligence provided the operational guidance behind Rabin's murder..."
1992-02   The J.F.K. Flap by Dr. Murray N. Rothbard, from the May 1992 issue
    of The Rothbard-Rockwell Report

Intelligence Operations-Related   Women of the Mossad: The C.I.A. , the Ambassador and the Pregnant
    Woman; An Exclusive Revealed by Joanna Gawlik Melissa Carlson Jocelyn Baini Nabila Flika Asmaa Boubari.

Soft Cover and eBook sample chapters and pages
Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy
Covers (front and back) Author Foreword
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  Final Judgment Progress   Author Preface
  Final Judgment Context   Photo Section
  Reaction by Others   Conversation in Hell
  New Revelations   Index
  Publisher Note   Challenge to Readers
  A Black Perspective   Author Note
  Intrigue   Author Background
  Apology by Author    


  Exec Summary    
  Pages 1-11    
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  First Bigot    
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  Chapter One    
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