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Page 8, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * November 29, 2010 * Issue 48 AMERICAN FREE PRESS


Two of the huge names bankrolling Eric Cantor.

Big Money from Donors
Puts Cantor In Hip Pocket
of Powerful Interests

By Michael Collins Piper

.Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) is one of the very few members of Congress who has some of the richest and most powerful people in the world bankrolling his political endeavors. That — along with Cantor’s peculiar fund-raising prowess — is another reason why many now perceive the soon-to-be House Republican majority leader as the real “big man” in the House GOP caucus, eclipsing even Speaker-to-be John Boehner.
Wags say that Cantor will be “the Cantor of the House” —which is a play on Cantor’s Jewish family name. A “cantor” is the individual in a synagogue who leads the chants and prayers along with the rabbi — a major religious role.
So the fact that billionaires in the global financial plutocracy — all intimately tied to the London-based Rothschild family — are underwriting Cantor’s career is a point that cannot be taken lightly. Here’s the exclusive story from AMERICAN FREE PRESS.
The up-and-coming young congressman — a deeply religious Orthodox Jew devoted to the Talmud, the controversial rabbinic teachings foundational to the Jewish faith — is unique among House members: While most members rely on campaign contributions mainly from their own congressional districts, Cantor has an unusually expansive array of contributions pouring in from across the country.
One of Cantor’s federal election filings, recorded at, shows he received 146 contributions from New York donors. Contrast that to only 36 donations from New York that went to Cantor’s ostensible senior partner in the Republican takeover of the House, Boehner, who has been a top-ranking GOP congressional figure for more than a few years. Yet, even Boehner cannot rival Cantor in the number of out-of- state cash contributions.
A brief sampling of Cantor’s contributors from New York State alone demonstrate the real clout — and the big names — who are bankrolling him:
• Kenneth Bialkin, a mob legal mouthpiece, former national chairman of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, former chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, and now chairman of the America-Israel Friendship League, is a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member. The CFR is the New York-based offshoot of the London-based Royal Institute for International Affairs, the Rothschild empire’s foreign policy arm;
• Gary Cohn, president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs, the infamous Wall Street investment bank whose financial schemes are well known to many Americans who’ve seen their pensions plundered;
• Steven Drucker of Charmer Sunbelt, a massive liquor conglomerate that has grabbed control of various facets of the U.S. spirits industry;
• Lewis M. Eisenberg who, as a former Goldman Sachs partner, is perhaps best known for serving as chairman from 1995 to the pivotal year of 2001 of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey — at which time the authority turned World Trade Center (WTC) ownership over to international wheeler-dealer, Larry Silverstein, who had the WTC twin towers well insured and suspiciously made billions from the 9-11 attacks.
• Henry Kravis, a member of the CFR and Bilderberg group who was one of the famous “junk bond kings” of the 1980s through his Kohlberg-Kravis-Roberts partnership;
• Ronald Perelman, billionaire head of the Revlon cosmetics empire. He also heads a far-reaching network of radio and television stations. At one point he was said to have been the richest man in America;
• James Tisch, another CFR member and a scion of the billionaire Tisch family who bought control of CBS in the 1980s. These are just a few of the powerful New Yorkers who’ve been channeling funds to Cantor’s political enterprises. Three of Cantor’s other notable national contributors are:
• Jeffrey Epstein of California, chief financial officer and executive vice president of the Oracle Corporation, the fiefdom of Larry Ellison, who rose to fame in the 1970s working on a database for the CIA (named “Oracle”).After 9-11, Ellison offered to donate software to the U.S. government to help set up a national identification database, from which national ID cards for American citizens would be issued;
• Neil Livingstone of Washington, D.C., a shadowy figure from the world of intelligence known for close ties to Israel’s Mossad;
• Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas, who, in many respects, is the modern-day incarnation of the late Meyer Lansky, longtime chief of the Jewish crime syndicate which cemented its influence with the rise of legalized gambling in Vegas.


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Cantor Meets With Israeli,
Pledges Alliance Against Obama

It is no wonder, considering his heavy financial support from billionaire patrons of Israel, that — on the weekend of Nov. 6 — when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to New York City, Rep. Eric Cantor met with the Israeli chief for more than an hour, at which time he pledged that the Republican Party would stand firmly with Israel against President Obama — who is perceived in Israel as being hostile to Israel’s concerns.
On Nov. 11, the mainstream Politico magazine reported that “Israeli sources characterized a one-on-one meeting between an Israeli prime minister and a lone American lawmaker as unusual, if not unheard of.” Politico also noted that Ron Kampeas, a veteran observer of U.S.-Israel relations, described Cantor’s pledge to Israel as “an eyebrow raiser.”
Politico noted that Kampeas wrote, on the blog of the Jewish Telegraph Agency:

I can’t remember an opposition leader telling a foreign leader, in a personal meeting, that he would side, as a policy, with that leader against the president. Certainly, in statements on one specific issue or another . . . lawmakers have taken the sides of other nations. But to have a face-to-face and say, in general, we will take your side against the White House — that sounds to me extraordinary.

Even the website of the independent Washington Monthly featured a commentary by Steve Benen, reflecting on Cantor’s antics:

This week, Eric Cantor met privately with a foreign head of state to promise to undermine the foreign policy of the United States. Remember when American officials were supposed to think foreign policy issues stopped at [the] water’s edge?
This is a legitimate scandal worthy of far more attention. . . . I fully expect members of Congress from both parties to demand accountability of the White House.
People can and should speak out when they disagree with the administration’s approach to Israel, Iran, Russia or any other country.
But Cantor’s move is something altogether different. Just a few years after he suggested it was literally criminal for an American official to talk to a foreign leader and work against the sitting president. Now, Cantor has done just that.
Where’s the outrage?


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(Issue #48, November 29, 2010, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)