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Page 15, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * May 10, 2010 * Issue 19 AMERICAN FREE PRESS


Outspoken Dissident Targeted for Words, Not Deeds

The AFP issue dated Feb 1, 2010 first carried the story of Bill White, prosperous businessman, and outspoken activist for white rights. This article adds detail.


By Willis A. Carto & Michael Collins Piper


.On April 14, one of America’s most outspoken political dissidents — 32-year-old William (Bill) White of Roanoke, Va.—was sentenced by federal judge James Turk to serve two and a half years in prison. The judge could have opted to give White a lesser sentence, but Turk wanted to drive home a point — although the judge didn’t say this: If you, like White, harbor political opinions that stand in opposition to the power elite in America, be sure and be nice and polite at all times.
Contrary to headlines you may have seen in the press, which consistently misreported the nature of the case against him, White didn’t cause anyone physical harm. Nor did he plot to commit any crimes against anyone. Instead, White’s “crime” is his nature — he is “politically incorrect,” pushing that first and foremost of our constitutional rights — the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech — to the limits.
To drive home his point that White’s freedom of speech must be curtailed — at least in the totalitarian point of view of those, like the judge, who do not understand the First Amendment—the judge also imposed three years probation upon White following his release from prison, during which time White is prohibited from using the Internet for any business or hobby, including posting blog messages.
In fact, it was because White — a skilled computer programmer and professional web site developer — had used the Internet to express his views and to hammer away at people whose political values and intentions and business practices he found odious that his legal problems first began, setting the stage for his ultimate imprisonment.
A left-winger as a teenager, White ultimately evolved into a self-described “national socialist.” At the time his legal problems with the federal authorities began, White was expanding inner city real estate properties in Roanoke, Va. worth over $1 million.
White was found guilty by a federal jury in Roanoke of five out of eight charges filed against him, largely stemming from material that White had posted on his web site about individuals with whom he had political or
business disagreements. He had previously beat similar charges in federal court in Chicago in 2009 when a judge dismissed those charges.
However, the feds continued to pursue White and brought charges against him in federal court in his home jurisdiction in Roanoke, cobbling together allegations, mostly based on the fact that White had expressed his
opposition to his critics and others in angry terms.
The federal prosecutors relied upon White’s public profile — as an “angry political extremist” — as the foundation for their case against him, suggesting that he was making threats or encouraging violence against those about whom he raised criticisms in an open forum.
White played no favorites — even criticizing this newspaper, AMERICAN FREE PRESS, and its editors and writers on a number of occasions.
Marching to his own drummer and laying waste to his opponents on the political “right” and the “left” alike, White made many enemies during the past decade, not the least of which included such groups as the Anti- Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which once said White may have been “the loudest and most obnoxious” dissident of the the political “right” in America.
White’s political orientation began a not-so-subtle shift during his teen years, and he and his web site emerged as a loud and raucous voice taking a direct stand in opposition to political correctness.
In a short time White was a much-talked-about figure, his name damned by folks on both the “left” and the “right.” Many on the “right” were angered by White, for a variety of reasons, and more than a few alleged that he was some sort of federal agent provocateur — a theory that died on the vine when it became apparent that White himself was a foremost target of federal prosecutors, who wanted him silenced.
Efforts were often made to accuse White of racial bias in his dealings with many of his tenants in the properties he was developing in Roanoke — a patently stupid allegation considering the fact that most of White’s tenants happened to be African-Americans. Everyday disputes between White and his tenants were stoked up by the media and other politically motivated critics of White were turned into “racial controversies.”
The media coverage in Roanoke was particularly sensational and often outrageously biased against White, not surprisingly because White had used his web site to slam the local elite media newspaper, The Roanoke Times, which had used its considerable resources to attack White. For his part, White hit back at the Times by publishing a full issue of his print-version magazine exposing Roanoke-area gossip about Times editors, reporters and others associated with the newspaper.
U.S. Attorney Tim Heaphy, who prosecuted White, said after White’s sentencing that, “While the First Amendment protects everyone’s right to free expression, it does not protect hate-mongers like Bill White,” implicitly suggesting that it was because of White’s criticisms of Jewish political power and concerns about racial favoritism in the political arena that White was targeted in the first place.
Heaphy claimed that “the White case demonstrates our commitment to vigorously prosecuting anyone who commits a hate crime in this district.” However, as noted earlier, White’s alleged “crime” or “crimes” did not involve any act of violence accompanied by racial or religious slurs, or any reference to sexual orientation. This is, in fact, under the law — no matter how wrong the law may be in the first place — what constitutes a “hate” crime, a point that the federal prosecutor is aware of.
However, because of the highly charged political and racial implications of the case, stimulated by White’s own rhetorical flourishes that left many people unsettled, unable to conceive of the fact that even over-the-top political commentary is protected by the First Amendment, White was nonetheless convicted.
Not surprisingly, Mark Potok, a spokesman for the notorious ADL-connected SPLC — which long spearheaded a campaign againstWhite — crowed that this was a “real milestone.”
At the time of his sentencing, White had already been in prison for some 18 months while awaiting trial and final sentencing, so he should be released in 12 months.
The point to be remembered, in the end, is this: although leftist political agitators and hard-line African-American and other “minority” leaders have continuously and historically engaged in precisely the kind of free speech that White exercised to its limits for whites, they have not been subjected to the kind of obvious political targeting that White received.
Write White at: William White, #13888-084, FCI Beckley, P.O. Box 350, Beaver, WV 25813.




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(Issue #15, May 10, 2010, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)