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.American Free Press
.Vol IX .#32 August 10,

Page 18, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * August 10, 2009 * Issue 32 AMERICAN FREE PRESS


Controversial New Book Published
by Victor Thorn

Review by Michael Collins Piper


.Victor Thorn has emerged as one of the most respected independent journalists writing today. His hard-hitting books and monographs, not to mention his multiple investigative reports and his many ventures in radio, have captivated the attention of truth-hungry readers and listeners all over the world. His website is a popular “must visit” location on the Internet.
Ranging from his three-volume exposé of Hillary (and Bill) to his various works relating to the 9-11 tragedy to his inquiries into the nature of the New World Order and its impact on American liberty, Thorn has established himself as a voice to be reckoned with in the alternative—some would say “dissident”—media today.
Now Thorn has branched out into the realm of religion and philosophy and his new book, Jesus Speaks: Secret Knowledge and Initiation at the Last Supper—325 pages long—will be certain to create controversy. The book will incite, confound, amaze, excite, inform and educate—and it may even horrify a few persons who are faint of heart. But it’s a book that you will find hard to put down.
Those who are accustomed to Thorn’s hard-hitting political analysis, based on history and current events, will find a “whole new Victor Thorn” in these pages. Some folks will call him a heretic and demand he be burned at the stake. Many people will be angry at this writer for even reviewing Thorn’s book and will say that American Free Press should not sell the book, that AFP shouldn’t delve into matters of religion.
(Ironically, many of these critics would otherwise be in the forefront of denouncing other attempts at censorship. But when it comes to religion, a lot of people lose all sense of fairness and are thus quite prepared to censor others’ opinions.)
Certainly, there will be those who will cry that the book is “anti-Semitic.” And there will be those who will say that the book is an abomination, that it is “anti-Christian” by its very foundation. But say what you will about Jesus Speaks, it’s a book that will accomplish one thing that, frankly, many books do not: it will make you think.
Thorn’s book will challenge you to examine what you think you know about the origins of mankind, the early days of Christianity, the very nature of the universe itself.
Be prepared, for, to paraphrase Thorn, you will, upon reading this book—beginning with its very opening pages—embark upon a journey that will let you experience a dazzling array of new ideas. So let’s be upfront about it: if you are hidebound in your religious views and not prepared to debate and consider new ideas and different interpretations of traditional Christian teachings, you might as well not even open this book. But if you refuse to do so, you will deny yourself the opportunity of opening your mind some of the most fascinating writing that’s ever come from the highly literate pen of Victor Thorn.
So what’s the book about?
The book is written in the first person, as though the reader is hearing the words of Jesus Christ to his disciples at the Last Supper. “Outrageous!” you say. Well, don’t say that until you’ve read the book. The book is dynamite and the depth and breadth of what it covers—and in such a deliberate and provocative fashion—will leave the reader with new insights into so many realms.And, in fact, with a deeper appreciation than ever for the good teachings of the man we know Jesus Christ. Here are some of the highlights:
• Why the Old Testament is so strewn with violence, and how it involvesYahweh.
• Where did the Ten Commandments originate, and what they really mean?
• Who really raised Jesus, and how this small, isolated group that was erased from the New Testament were the most important figures in his life.
• John the Baptist’s rebellious heroism, as well as his obsessive struggle against the Jewish religious elite.
• The sponsors of Jesus’ travels afar during his early adult life, which lands he visited outside Palestine, and the influential teachers that helped shape his world vision.
• Although commonly called the devil, Lucifer, or Satan; the true source of evil (whose identity has been masked for millennia) is finally revealed.
•Who Jesus confronted in the desert after being baptized (prior to beginning his ministry).
• Proof of how the Genesis creation stories, as well as figures such as Moses and Abraham, were plagiarized from earlier cultures and mythologies.
• How ancient mystery schools, secret societies and select familial bloodlines established a control pyramid that stretched from Sumeria, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and to Rome.
• The suppressed importance of forbidden archaeology.
• Cycles of civilization explained, and how mankind existed on this planet long before our most recent 6,000 year epoch of time.
• Hidden symbolic meanings withheld in the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, Tower of Babel, Sodom & Gomorrah, plus Cain & Abel; and how they relate to the fundamental building block of life – DNA.
• The true importance of Atlantis, the Great Pyramid, and other archaeological wonders.
• Discover how kings, pharaohs, princes, lords, generals, rabbis, and priests were put in place to subjugate man.
• The significance of karma and reincarnation, and how these concepts are used by some cultures to exert control, while other religions completely removed them from their holy books.
•Why was December 25th chosen as the date of Jesus’ birthday?
• The ultimate purpose of Jesus’ ministry, and who he came to expose as the primary source of evil (in addition to their henchmen who continue to perpetuate it).
• Tyranny exposed—the Pharisees, Sadducees, Sanhedrin, and Keepers of the Law.




Softcover, 325 pages
Sisyphus Press
P.O. Box 10495
State College, PA 16805

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(Issue #32, August 10, 2009, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)