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.American Free Press
.Vol VIII .#44 November 3,

How a Top U.S. Zionist Picked
Sarah Palin for Vice President

For such a small publication, Rupert Murdoch’s The Weekly Standard and its editor, William Kristol, sure do wield a lot of influence. Now Kristol is bragging that he was instrumental in getting John McCain to choose avowed Israel-lover Sarah Palin as his running mate. What is it about Sarah Palin that has Zionists jumping for joy? Has Sarah Palin, as one pundit said it, “soaked up the neo-con view of the world”? Find out in Michael Collins Piper’s report.

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Pro-Israel Neo-Con
Hand-Picked McCain VP

Zionists pleased as punch fanatical Alaska governor
has been pushed to front of U.S. national politics

By Michael Collins Piper


.Win or lose in her bid for the vice presidency, Sarah Palin will nonetheless be a front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012. That’s “good news” to the hard-line pro- Israel cabal—known as the “neo-conservatives”—who brought America to bankruptcy pursuing the war in Iraq and who still dream of war against Iran.
It turns out that one of the chief neo-conservative tacticians—William Kristol, editor of Zionist billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s Weekly Standard, and Mrs. Palin’s foremost cheerleader in the mass media—is the very person who hand-picked Palin as John McCain’s running mate.
Both The Washington Post and The Telegraph of London revealed Kristol’s pivotal role in ushering the previously little-known Palin to national prominence. For its part, the Telegraph noted on Sept. 16:

Sources in theMcCain camp, the Republican Party and Washington think tanks say Mrs. Palin was identified as a potential future leader of the neo-conservative cause in June 2007. That was when the annual summer cruise organized by the right-of-center Weekly Standard magazine docked in Juneau, the Alaskan state capital, and the pundits on board took tea with Gov. Palin.

The Post reported that the meeting between Palin and Kristol, along with Kristol hanger-on Fred Barnes, was initiated by a member of Palin’s staff.
In any event, the Telegraph added, “her case as John McCain’s running mate was later advanced vociferously by William Kristol,” whose Standard touted Palin — immediately after their meeting—as “the most popular governor” and mentioned her in subsequent issues of The Weekly Standard no less than 40 additional times.
In fact, as early as June 30—at a time when McCain was said to be resisting pressures from those who opposed McCain’s choice of Sen. Joe Lieberman as his running mate—Kristol appeared on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News and predicted Palin would be McCain’s choice, this at a time when Palin was hardly known outside Alaska.
Writing at the, Internet blogger Scott Horton pointed out further that:

Kristol is one of the few conservative columnists whose support of Palin has been unflinching. He has used his space as a New York Times columnist to tout her candidacy repeatedly. But in the process Kristol has never bothered to disclose his role in the decision making process that led to the Palin pick. Kristol’s Weekly Standard has figured as Palin’s chief defender, and its writers have gone after even those who dare to pose questions about Palin’s candidacy. Bill Kristol, it seems, has much at stake in the Palin candidacy.

Underscoring the role of the “neo-cons” in grooming Palin, the small-circulation (but highly influential) New Yorker—published by the billionaire Newhouse family (hard-line Zionists known for neo-conservative sympathies)—featured an eye-opening cover story on October 27 entitled “How McCain found Palin,” subtitled “She wanted the nomination—and Washington insiders helped her get it.”

Behind Sarah Plain's desk she displays a symbol of her devotion to Israel in the form of a small but very meaningful Israeli flag (circled). Although liberal Jews don't like Palin's stands on social issues, she is revered by pro-Israel hard-liners. Adding to this general conception is the recently revealed fact that neo-con mouthpiece and shill for the Israeli lobby in America, William Kristol of the fanatically Zionist Weekly Standard, was intimately involved in orchestrating her selection as John McCain's running mate.

The detailed account demonstrated that Palin’s national prominence (and her path to the vice presidential nomination) was entirely the result of concerted propaganda and tactical maneuvering by Kristol and his closest collaborators.
Perhaps more disturbing was the revelation that it was controversial political operative Dick Morris— who earlier helped launch Bill Clinton’s rise in Arkansas and then in the national arena—who was a key player “in” on laying the stage for the until-then-obscure Palin’s introduction to the GOP.
Morris was among another group of neo-cons— associated with the National Review magazine—who landed in Alaska on their own cruise (just a few weeks after the Kristol-Weekly Standard clique held court). The New Yorker said “according to several accounts . . . no connection made that day was more meaningful than the one struck between Palin and Dick Morris.”
It is interesting the New Yorker should unveil the Palin-Morris connection resulting from the National Review stop-over in Alaska: S.I. Newhouse, publisher of the magazine, was a close friend of Morris’s cousin, devout pro-Israel political operative and “mob lawyer” Roy Cohn, who was also close friend of National Review founderWilliam F. Buckley, Jr.
As far back as the mid-1950s—working with Cohn—Buckley was a godfather of the modern neoconservative movement, a transmogrification of the old-line Trotskyite communists (for strategic reasons) into a “new” brand of “conservative internationalism” in opposition to traditional American nationalism. The New Yorker also cited the work of a young conservative, Adam Brickley, who established a website promoting Palin for vice president. It seems as if his website suddenly began getting widespread promotion after the neo-cons began lining up for Palin behind the scenes.
While Brickley said he felt that the longer he worked on the website, “the less I felt I was driving it. Something else was at work.” Brickley said he believed it was “the hand of God,” but the evidence points more directly to earthly elements.
The New Yorker describes the theological background of the Palin booster:

Brickley’s family, once evangelical Christians, now practice what he calls “Messianic Judaism.” They believe that Jesus is the Messiah, but they also observe the Jewish holidays and attend synagogue; as Brickley puts it, “Jesus was Jewish, so to be like Him you need to be Jewish, too.”

Following her selection as McCain’s running mate, Mrs. Palin quickly made it clear she shares the neo-conservative fanaticism for Israel, loudly banging the drum against Iran and bragging that she keeps an Israeli flag in her Alaska office.
Palin’s official foreign policy handlers are two key neo-conservative strategists: Randy Scheunemann and Steve Biegun. One chronicler of the neo-conservatives, author Jacob Heilbrunn, has asserted it’s clear Palin “has soaked up the neo-con view of the world.”


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(Issue #44, November 3, 2008, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)

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