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.American Free Press
.Vol VIII .#27 July 7, 2008


JFK Assassination
Link Found to Recent
Financial Swindle

By Michael Collins Piper


.Although the media reported on the bizarre case of Samuel Israel III— an East Coast hedge fund operator who swindled investors out of $450 million and who disappeared after attempting to fake his own suicide—what the media has not reported is the connection of Israel’s family to circumstances surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
The media has mentioned Israel is a scion of a distinguished New Orleans Jewish family. Not mentioned is that Israel’s family enterprise, the Leon Israel Company, popped up in a mysterious way in connection to activities of JFK’s alleged assassin, New Orleans native Lee Harvey Oswald, in that city in the summer of 1963. While details of Oswald’s New Orleans sojourn are thoroughly documented, his link to the Israel Company seems taboo.
Here’s the story: When Oswald applied for a room in New Orleans he told what CIA-connected writer Priscilla McMillan described as “another of his funny, pointless lies,” that is, that Oswald said he worked for the Leon Israel Company. McMillan insisted Oswald had no connection with the company. We do know the company was in the coffee import business.We don’t know why Oswald claimed he worked there. And maybe he did.
What is puzzling is that JFK assassination researchers avoid exploring the Israel Company. Although researchers dissect other picayune details about Oswald’s life in New Orleans, no researchers will mention the Israel connection.
The principal figure behind the company, Samuel Israel Jr.—evidently grandfather of the current Samuel Israel— was closely connected to Clay Shaw, the New Orleans businessman unsuccessfully prosecuted in 1969 by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison for complicity in the JFK assassination. Israel was vice president of the Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans and on the Council of the Lower Mississippi River Port Interests (putting him in trade executive Clay Shaw’s sphere).
Israel also won the French Medal of Merit for his service in the U.S. Army in Europe, at the time Shaw was decorated by the French for his service there. It is likely Shaw and Israel knew each other as early as World War II.
Was Oswald promised a job at the Israel Company— arranged by Shaw—or was Oswald employed by the company? If so, how? Did this company play a role in manipulating Oswald in New Orleans? These are questions that need to be answered.
At present day, Samuel Israel III is on the lam, many believe in Israel which welcomes Jewish criminals fleeing prosecution in the United States. Note, though: Israel says he is a Christian, despite his background.
The possible Israeli connection to the Samuel Israel, III money scandal is interesting considering that—according to Jewish-American JFK researcher A. J. Weberman—Jim Garrison, in an unpublished novel, suggested Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad, was behind the JFK assassination— something Garrison did not mention elsewhere.
Garrison evidently became aware Clay Shaw had Mossad connections through service on the board of the shadowy Permindex corporation.
In light of revelations in the 1980s (theretofore unknown) that JFK was working to stop Israel’s secret drive to assemble an arsenal of nuclear weapons, Shaw’s Permindex engagement is intriguing. In fact, Permindex chairman, Louis Bloomfield was a functionary of liquor baron and Meyer Lansky crime syndicate figure Sam Bronfman, president of theWorld Jewish Congress and— with Bronfman—a major patron of Israel’s nuclear weapons program, among a group of U.S. and Canadian millionaires who bankrolled the project in the ’50s to the tune of $250 million today.
Another Permindex figure was banker Tibor Rosenbaum, longtime Mossad director for finance and arms procurement, whose Geneva bank was a Mossad proprietary and money laundry for Lansky crime syndicate profits. 



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(Issue #27, July 7, 2008, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)