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.Vol VIII .#12 March 24, 2008


Willis Carto and the American Far Right is probably the best mainstream production covering the career of Carto. As objective as one might expect from an author who has written a book entitled Countering Right Wing Extremism, this book offers many juicy tidbits for Cartophiles and Cartophobes. Special price of $35 for AFP subscribers. See page 20 for more.

New Book on Controversial Publisher Quite Sure to Raise a Few Eyebrows

By Michael Collins Piper


.If you’ve been a reader of American Free Press, you are probably familiar with the name of Willis A. Carto, who has been a periodic contributor to AFP. Carto is best known as the founder of Liberty Lobby, the populist institution that published The Spotlight newspaper from 1975 until its untimely demise at the hands of a corrupt federal judge in 2001.
Carto has been responsible, over 50 years, for the publication of literally hundreds of books and been involved in the publication of several journals and newspapers that have reached millions of people in the United States and around the globe. He’s been called a “shadowy mystery man” and repeatedly and loudly damned time and again by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)—an intelligence and propaganda arm of Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad—for his strenuous efforts to combat the power of political Zionism in America.
Now Carto is the subject of a new full-length 340- page biography, Willis Carto and the American Far Right, published by the University Press of Florida. The book is no puff piece.
The author, George Michael, Ph.D., is a professor at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise and his elite academic credentials as a veteran “exposer” of “right-wing extremists” have been burnished over the years through the publication of two previous works on that topic and widely published writings in a number of “high-toned” academic journals. Now Michael has put Carto in his sights and, to be completely honest, despite his obvious distaste for Carto’s populist and nationalist point of view, Dr. Michael has assembled an interesting and well-written biography that’s probably about as objective as someone so controversial as Carto could expect.
Although there was a previous attempt at publishing a history of Liberty Lobby as an institution, that volume was highly flawed in many respects and was actually rather quite boring. Not so with Michael’s book.
The author took the time to sit down and interview Carto himself—which will probably be considered a “crime” by the ADL, which considers reportage on Carto’s life and times its exclusive proprietary property. So Carto’s comments about topics, various and sundry, appearing in the book add a special flavor to a quite wide-ranging and broadly encompassing overview of his career and the organizations and publications which he has sponsored. There are also some interesting pictures from Carto’s personal archives.
Having worked closely with Carto for 28 years and having been on his payroll, this reviewer is obviously biased and has problems with some of the negative characterizations of Carto and his work that are expressed. But stepping aside and looking at Michael’s tome on its merits, it is accurate to say that the book is a much-needed contribution to the history of American political affairs. Love him (many do) or hate him (and many do), Carto has been—whatever his accomplishments, whatever his failures—a major figure not just on the so-called “American far right” but in the American (and international) political arena in general. Thus, it was inevitable that he would be the subject of a book.
In many respects, Michael’s book is more than a biography of Carto. It is a study of American (and world) affairs over the last 50 years and how Carto—and the American nationalist movement (in its various and often fractious elements)—have responded to the policies of the power elite who misrule our planet today. You’ll find that this is well worth your while.
And I would add this: right now I am putting the finishing touches on a comprehensive (and soon-to-be-published) compendium of some of Carto’s more preeminent writings on topics various and sundry. I know you’re going to find this forthcoming book quite interesting and I would suggest that this book by Dr. Michael, Willis Carto and the American Far Right, is a more than timely “prequel” for the volume that’s coming. 


. . ..Michael Collins Piper can be heard every week day night live on the Internet at He is the author of Final Judgment, the controversial “underground bestseller” documenting the collaboration of Israeli intelligence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He is also the author of The High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America , The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within, Dirty Secrets: Crime, Conspiracy & Cover-Up in the 20th Century, and The GOLEM: Israel's Hell Bomb. These works can be found at America First Books and FIRST AMENDMENT BOOKS: 1-888-699-NEWS. He has lectured on suppressed topics in places as diverse as Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Russia and Abu Dhabi.

(Issue #12, March 24, 2008, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)