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Expert Says It's `Made in Israel'

. . .Americans should take note: He was right about the fact that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Now, Scott Ritter, the former top United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq, is taking on the international clamor over Iran’s burgeoning nuclear program, remarking flatly in a new book that the controversy is “a crisis made in Israel.”.

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P. 10, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * October 23, 2006 Behind the Scenes with Michael Collins Piper

`Made in Israel'

By Michael Collins Piper

. . .The ongoing controversy over alleged nuclear weapons development by Iran is “a crisis made in Israel.” This charge is made in a new book by Scott Ritter, who — for seven years — was one of the top United Nations weapons inspectors in Iraq.
. . .A tough-talking Marine, who was a ballistic missile advisor to General Norman Schwarzkopf in the first Gulf War, Ritter says that the same pattern of lies and disinformation used by the Bush administration and its allies in Israel to get the United States engaged in the war against Iraq is now being used to drag the United States into a war against Iran.
. . .Ritter’s book, Target Iran, subtitled “The Truth About the White House’s Plans for Regime Change,” issues a warning Americans need to heed, because everything Ritter said earlier about the drive for war against Iraq was proved correct.
. . .As famed investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has said:“The most important thing to know about Scott Ritter, the man, is that he was right. He told us again and again in 2002 and early 2003 as President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair prepared for war in Iraq that there were no weapons [of mass destruction].”
. . .Ritter is able to speak out so profoundly because he is virtually inoculated from the charge of being “anti-Israel” or“anti-Semitic.” As Ritter notes in his book, in his service in the military and in the weapons inspection field, he placed his life on the line in defense of Israel. Ritter writes:
. . . “The conflict currently under way between the United States and Iran is, first and foremost, a conflict born in Israel. It is based upon an Israeli contention that Iran poses a threat to Israel, and defined by Israeli assertions that Iran possesses a nuclear weapons program. None of this has been shown to be true, and indeed much of the allegations made by Israel against Iran have been clearly demonstrated as being false. And yet the United States continues to trumpet the Israeli claims, and no individual more loudly so than the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton.
. . . “If Iran were to attack Israel without provocation, I would argue long and hard for America to come to the aid of its friend and ally. But I cannot tolerate the idea of America being pushed into a war of aggression against Iran when Iran threatens neither Israel nor America. And this is what is happening today. Israel has, through a combination of ignorance, fear and paranoia, elevated Iran to a threat status that it finds unacceptable.
. . . “Israel has engaged in policies that have further inflamed this situation. Israel displays an arrogance and rigidity when it comes to developing any diplomatic solution to the Iranian issue.
. . . “And Israel demands that the United States take the lead in holding Iran to account. Israel threatens military action against Iran, knowing only too well that in doing so Israel would be committing America to war as well. “When it comes to Iran, Israel can no longer be said to be behaving as a friend of America. And it is high time we in America had the courage to recognize this, and take appropriate actions.”

. . . .Ritter notes the United States and Israel are “two completely distinct nations, and should never be treated as one and indivisible.” He says the United States must rein in powerful Israeli lobby organizations such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Americans also need to recognize that “national loyalty is a one-way street, and in America, for Americans, that one-way sign points only toward the United States of America.
. . .Those who are interested in an in-depth examination of the realities — not the propaganda — about Iraq and its nuclear program (and the way the truth has been twisted by Israel and its allies in the Bush administration) should read Ritter’s book. It is available for $25.95 at most bookstores or by going on the Internet to or by writing: Nation Books, 245 West 17th Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10011. 


. . ..A journalist specializing in media critique, Michael Collins Piper is the author of Final Judgment, the controversial “underground bestseller” documenting the collaboration of Israeli intelligence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He is also the author of The High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem, The Judas Goats, and Dirty Secrets, all available from FIRST AMENDMENT BOOKS and America First Books. He has lectured on suppressed topics in places as diverse as Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Russia and Abu Dhabi.


(Issue #43, October 23, 2006, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)