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P. 14, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * September 5, 2005... Behind the Scenes
with Michael Collins Piper

Illinois Police Chief’s Explosive Account Exposes Chicago Mob’s Ties to CIA, Mossad

By Michael Collins Piper

An eye-opening book bares new facts about the secret history of the famed Chicago “Mafia,” revealing certain significant never-before-told details that cast a whole new light on many events that shaped American life (and foreign policy) during the second half of the 20th century. Double Deal, by Michael Corbitt, adds remarkable validation to the thesis that Israel’s Mossad was a key player alongside the CIA and organized crime in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Corbitt, the “mobbed-up” former chief of police of Willow Springs, Ill., a Chicago suburb, has joined writer Sam Giancana, nephew and namesake of legendary Chicago Mafia boss Sam Giancana, in producing a startling 347-page expose that unveils, for the first time, the surprising identity of the “mystery man” who was the real “power behind the throne” in organized crime in Chicago and whose influence reached all the way to Israel, Panama, Iran, Las Vegas and Washington.

Corbitt, who spent a lengthy stretch in prison after being convicted on federal racketeering charges, the culmination of a lifetime of involvement in organized crime, admits freely to his own many misdeeds and makes no claims of innocence. His first-hand (and often chilling) account of life in the mob parallels many previously told stories.

Despite his famous “Mafia” name, Corbitt’s co-author, Giancana, was never involved in the “family business.” Some years ago he wrote Double Cross, a best-selling account of the life and crimes of his late uncle, who was murdered in 1975.

However, what makes the new Corbitt-Giancana book unique is that the authors dare to say something that has never been published anywhere before: A shadowy non- Italian gangster named Hyman “Hy” Larner was the continuing behind-the-scenes force guiding the Chicago mob for over 30 years.

Despite the media-ballyhooed “revolving door” of Italian-American Mafia bosses such as Giancana and others, who were alternately jailed or “whacked,” it was Larner who was the man continually in charge.

Beyond that, the authors reveal that much of Larner’s criminal activity was conducted not only in concert with the CIA, but also, in particular, with Israel’s Mossad.

Larner was not just a major figure in Chicago crime, but on the international scene as well. He was not only a top longtime associate of Jewish crime chief Meyer Lansky, a known Mossad collaborator, but, effectively, Lansky’s successor when Lansky died in 1983.

According to Corbitt, he learned early on, during his mob days, of Larner’s existence, although Larner’s presence so high up in the mob was something neither government investigators nor a mob-captivated media wanted to focus on. Corbitt writes:

All the other Outfit guys were in the papers every day, their pictures plastered all over the front page of the Tribune. But when Hy Larner’s name was mentioned in the papers, he was described only as an “associate” or “protégé” of some gangster and nothing more than that. Nobody knew how deep his contacts went or how high up. Reporters called him a “riddle” and a “mystery man.”

As Corbitt advanced in organized crime circles under the patronage of mob boss Giancana, he ultimately began to learn the secret of how and why the Chicago mob was able to operate so freely. It was the partnership with the Mossad — running guns to Israel — that gave the Chicago mob its “get out of jail free” card as far as U.S. government officials were concerned:

At the insistence of Meyer Lansky, [Giancana] and his pals started working with the Israeli Mossad, smuggling weapons into the Middle East.

Everything was coming in and out of Panama, which meant that everything was being handled by Hy Larner. Larner was without a doubt Sam Giancana’s most trusted financial advisor.

He had everybody who was anybody in Panama — from bankers to generals — eating out of his hand.

Once they started running guns to Israel, Larner also had the U.S. military and its airstrips at his disposal.

And contrary to popular legend, it was not Giancana nor another famed Chicago mobster, Johnny Roselli, who cemented the now infamous CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro, it was Larner, along with his partner, Lansky.

In addition, Corbitt and Giancana reveal, Larner’s associations with other crime figures, such as New Orleans mob boss Carlos Marcello and Santo Trafficante of Tampa, were equally intimate.

Larner and the two Southern Mafia figures were engaged in lucrative guns and drugs smuggling operations in the Caribbean, not to mention mob gambling enterprises. And as far as Larner’s association with Lansky, Corbitt writes:

They were both absolutely brilliant when it came to handling money, probably the best the mob had ever seen. They were also Zionists, passionate defenders of the divine right of Jews to occupy the Holy Land of Jerusalem. You wouldn’t think a person’s religion would make any difference, not when it came to a deal like the one organized crime had with the CIA. But Hy Larner and Meyer Lansky weren’t just Zionists, they were also mobsters who believed the end justifies the means. Put organized crime and the U.S. government at their disposal and you’ve got a very powerful force, a force that’s capable of changing the face of the mob. And the world.

Larner and Giancana were also engaged in gambling deals with casinos based in Iran, then the fiefdom of the shah of Iran whose infamous secret police, SAVAK, was a joint creation of the CIA and Mossad — a major point of contention when Islamic fundamentalists overthrew the shah and forced him into exile.

Corbitt also reveals the amazing story of how Giancana, with Larner’s help, finally got the Justice Department off his back.


As much as President Lyndon Johnson and his Zionist advisors wanted to wage war against Egypt and the other Arab states on behalf of Israel, U.S. entanglement in Vietnam made it impossible for Johnson to act.

However, Giancana not only put up a substantial amount of money to help arm Israel for its 1967 war against the Arab countries, but, in addition, Larner and Giancana arranged shipments of stolen weapons to Israel from one of their outposts in Panama, an operation conducted in league with the Mossad’s Panamanian-based operative, Michael Harari.

In return for this service on behalf of Israel, Johnson ordered the Justice Department to drop its campaign against Giancana.

But the arrangement between Giancana and Larner came to an end. Larner, it appears, was almost certainly behind Giancana’s 1975 murder. Larner, however, continued to thrive, even as a series of Giancana’s successors were faced with a continuing series of federal prosecutions, widely hailed by the media as “the end of the mob in Chicago.”

During his years in the mob, Corbitt often acted as a courier for Larner, traveling to Las Vegas, Central America and elsewhere. According to Corbitt, he is now certain that many of Larner’s activities were very much a central part of the now-infamous Iran-contra affair that rocked the Reagan- Bush administration during the 1980s.

Corbitt finally went down on corruption charges and ended up in prison. But he was bitter at his mob allies whom he felt had betrayed him. He offered to help the FBI put Larner away.

However, in 1997, just when it appeared the move against Larner was under way, Corbitt was told by the FBI that the State Department had intervened and quashed the investigation. As Corbitt put it: “It seemed my old pal Mr. Larner had some very influential friends.”

Although Panamanian newspapers announced in 1991 that Larner had died, rumors surfaced, several years later, that Larner was actually very much alive, living in Flathead, Mont. Then, just as Corbitt’s book was ready to go to press, the Miami Herald announced that Larner had died on Oct. 12, 2002, and was going to be buried in Skokie, Ill. 

Photograph of Sam Giancana sitting in a chair.

Caption: "SAM GIANCANA, nephew and namesake of the legendary Chicago Mafia boss `Momo' Salvatore Guingano, (aka Sam Giancana, above), joined with Michael Corbitt, author of Double Deal, to show the mob’s secret collaboration with the Israeli Mossad. Hyman `Hy' Larner was unveiled as the hidden power behind the Mafia."


. . ..A journalist specializing in media critique, Michael Collins Piper is the author of Final Judgment, the controversial “underground bestseller” documenting the collaboration of Israeli intelligence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He is also the author of The High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem, The Judas Goats, and Dirty Secrets, all available from America First Books and FIRST AMENDMENT BOOKS. He has lectured on suppressed topics in places as diverse as Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Russia and Abu Dhabi.


( #36.... September 5, 2005. American Free Press)